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Interesting Links, 23 March 2010

One of the bloggers whose blog I read most days (I have set routine of sites to check first thing every day, working left to right on favourites bar in Chrome) often posts links to interesting articles that have caught her eye.  I think its a great idea… so I hope she doesn’t mind if I do the same!

  • An Eclectic Mind. This is the blog I was referring to.  Maria Langer is a freelance writer and commercial helicopter pilot from Arizona, USA.  Her blog is very addictive because of its diverse subject matter and the quality of the writing.
  • Virgin Galactic’s First “Captive” Flight. and Photo’s. Virgin Galactic’s VSS Enterprise has made its inaugural captive flight, attached to VMS Eve from the Mojave Space Port.  Thanks to @mlanger and @richardbranson on Twitter.
  • First Flight of Chinese heavy heli.  Aviacopters AC313 has made its first test flights and secured a launch customer, but will it succeed against the likes of AW101 & S-92 given its near 50 year design heritage?

3 thoughts to “Interesting Links, 23 March 2010”

  1. I’m flattered!

    When I saw your Interesting links post, it caught my eye, too. Do you use the Postalicious plugin to generate this list automatically based on your new Delicious book marks? If not, I highly recommend it! You just bookmark, tag, and comment on Web content and Postalicious does the rest. I wrote about the implementation twice: and .

    Thanks for the plug and the nice words about my blog. Glad you like the links!

  2. You’re welcome – no, I sat and compiled that list manually yesterday as I was browsing through some stuff. I shall have a look at your posts and Postalicious today though… as well as sorting out lots of other niggles on the site!

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