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Robbie 2.

As you may know I distribute Robbie: The Robinson Helicopter Experience in Europe.  It is a sumptuous coffee-table book that looks at operators of Robinson helicopters around the world – the photography is truly stunning.  I even have a large print of one of the photo’s hanging on my wall at home!  ( I will fly in NZ one day, but for now it reminds me how privileged I am as a pilot).

If you’re interested – you can find more information, and buy yourself a copy here.


Well, after the success of Robbie, its Australian publisher has decided to take up the gauntlet and produce a sequel.  The guys at Eye In The Sky, Robin Olson and Jon Davison (Author / Photographer), are planning on Robbie 2 being a bigger  (circa 300 pages) and grander production – showing even more of Robinson’s at work all over the world.  Hopefully even some R66 shots!


The chaps are currently planning the itenary for their world tour and are looking for operators, pilots or owners of Robinson Helicopters all over the world to take part and feature in Robbie 2.  Its a really unique opportunity – if I had my own machine I would certainly do it — in fact I’m toying with the idea anyway!!

Anyway, they asked me if I knew anyone who might be interested – so I thought I’d pass the opportunity on.  If you want to find out more they have put together a pretty good website at – go check it out.  Drop them or me a line, or pick up the phone… we’re all nice guys, and this really is a unique opportunity to promote your brand / helicopter / operations / self!

Let me know if you take part!

Following the success of ‘Robbie’, EYE IN THE SKY PRODUCTIONS has decided to accept the gauntlet and run with the Robbie II concept. So many operators from around the world have expressed an interest in being a part of a second volume, that we think it is now the right time.

2 thoughts to “Robbie 2.”

  1. Success? They sold like crap here in the U.S. WAY TOO EXPENSIVE for this market. Missing the Christmas market killed sales; we could have moved twice as many if we’d been able to ship on schedule. One of the U.S. companies featured in the book refused to buy any copies. Robinson wouldn’t buy any either, despite the fact that I presented copies to Frank Robinson at Heli Expo in 2009. Not quite sure what THAT was about.

    It’s unfortunate, because it’s a really beautiful book. I was very happy to be included and it’s a pleasure to use some of Jon’s photos in my marketing material.

  2. They’ve been a little more successful in Europe. However, to date I have only really marketed them in the UK because the postage is expensive to Europe – they weigh 1.6kg! I’m remedying that now, and starting a pan european marketing blitz over the next few months. Hopefully Robbie 2 will also provide a push again!

    It really is a beautiful book – and I hope that if anyone does get involved in Robbie 2 they can say the same as you about being happy to be included and it providing good marketing material!

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