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Windows 7 – Latitude E6410

Latitude E6410
Latitude E6410

As discussed in my last blog post I recently got a Lattitude E6410, and upgraded the memory in it to 8GB; but of course this is useless with the 32bit Windows XP Professional operating system it came with.  (Here is a technical explanation of why you can’t access >3Gb of RAM on a 32bit System).

So, I set about installing Windows 7 Ultimate x64 on the laptop.  I was amazed how quickly it installed.  From rebooting with the Win 7 DVD in the drive to being able to use Windows was a mere 28 minutes.  However, I was of course left with the machine without all the drivers installed.


As normal when you install a newish operating system on a modern computer there will be some devices which the operating system doesn’t have drivers for and you need to install.  This shouldn’t be a problem because the drivers should be available from the manufacturer.

Sure enough Dell had a whole pile of drivers available; and I duly ploughed through them: LAN, Video, Sound, WiFi, Touchpad, and the usual suspects.  However even after all of this I had two devices showing in Device Manager as unknown or not installed.  It took a pile of searching to find out what they were – to save a bit of time here is what I found.

Broadcom USH.

It turns out this device is in fact the Dell Control Vault Security Devices.  In my particular case there are none fitted to my laptop, althouh the interface is present.  Ordinarily this would be the fingerprint reader and the like.  However it is not obvious from “Broadcom USH” what this is… but Dell do have the drivers if you look for Control Vault; just be careful to select the Driver and not the application stuff if you are looking for a minimal footprint install.

Unknown Device.

This was quiet confusing; and all I could glean from the properties tab was that it had something to do with ACPI, which is about as useful as a chocolate fireguard.  Anyway, it turns out this is infact the ST Microelectronics Free Fall Sensor.  The driver for which is hidden in the “Applications” section of the Dell support website.


With 8Gb of RAM Windows 7 appears to running very very fast – I’ll keep you all posted. Hope this helps you install Win 7.

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  1. Also thanks. I’m using an e6410 with win xp pro 32-bit installed and I have the same issue. Our IT department installed a lot of drivers that did not resolve this problem before we decided to search the web, and here it is!

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