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Interesting Links for April 27th.

These are my interesting links for April 27th:

Interesting Links for April 20th.

These are my interesting links for April 20th:

Interesting Links for April 6th.

These are my interesting links for April 6th:

  • Two arrested at Liverpool over corpse check-in incident – Two people were arrested at Liverpool airport after trying to check in a corpse. Very very odd incident. I wonder why it is Greater Manchester Police who are responsible for LPL and not Merseyside though? Or is this a typo by Flight?
  • Pressure mounts on Digital Economy Bill – Telegraph – As part of the process of dissolving parliament in the UK in the run up to the forthcoming general election the government will pass several laws earlier than usual in a process called "the wash up." The Digital Economy bill is going to be one of them – but its such a critical bill for our online economy & copyright holders I think it warrants the usual level of scrutiny.
  • iPad CPU yields up (some) secrets to x-ray scan – Interesting x-ray scans of Apples A4 processor which is used in the iPad.

Interesting Links for March 31st.

These are my interesting links for March 31st:

  • Ford To Save $1.2m by turning off PC’s. – Ford have developed software which they claim will save them $1.2m annually by turning off unattended PCs at night and the weekends. I wonder if they have accounted for the time spent re-doing work the software doesn't manage to save?
  • Tories may scrap IR35 tax rules for contractors – A suggestion from the Conservative party that they may scrap the onerous IR35 rules which apply to me and many friends. Its not enough for me to vote Tory though!