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Hello world!

Well, it seems appropriate to leave the title of the first entry on my blog as “Hello World!” partly because its nearly always the first example in any computing book and partly because this is my first foray into the world of blogging.

I’ve been inspired to start blogging as a result of a couple of blogs which I read regularly, some are Helicopter related exclusively but some have mixed content which reflects the authors life (although I probably started reading them because of the flying content).

I hope my blog proves to be interesting to people, but my motivation is a little selfish too.  I often have thoughts about subjects which I think if I wrote about them it would help me think about the topic in greater depth, rather than being naturally dismissive; a tendency of mine.

I’m now faced with the dilemma’s of coming up with good tags & categories to help with the SEO of the site, tweaking the theme, finding the right widgets and all the other stuff which makes for a good usable blog which (hopefully) generates repeat visitors.  So, be prepared for the site to evolve over time… and thanks for visiting!